About the Hub

Students and Faculty gathered together to view Capstone projects

What is Knowledge Translation?

Knowledge Translation (KT) is a research approach designed to bridge the gap between conducting research and ensuring that research outcomes are available to those who can use them. Studies have shown that it takes approximately 17 years before health research is applied (Morris, Wooding, & Grant, 2011). This lag leaves healthcare providers, patients, the community and other stakeholders waiting a significant amount of time before research results impact their lives.

Morris, Z. S., Wooding, S., & Grant, J. (2011). The answer is 17 years, what is the question: Understanding time lags in translational research. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 104(12), 510–520. doi: 10.1258/jrsm.2011.110180

Why a Knowledge Translation Hub?

Students at Mohawk College in the graduate certificates, Brain Disorders Management, and Mental Health and Disability Management, learn how to develop knowledge translation tools as part of their coursework in these programs. This coursework includes Symptoms of Brain Disorders (HMNS10126) and Intervention Strategies Working With Disabilities (HMNS10133) in Semester 1 and Capstone Project (HMNS10146) in Semester 2.

Our Knowledge Translation Hub works to bridge the gap previously identified by producing knowledge translation products for the benefit of the community. Examples of knowledge translation products include infographics, fact sheets, videos, briefing papers and presentations. These “KT products” can be downloaded in an accessible format for free, from our hub.

Our products can be used for educational purposes while highlighting the work of our programs at Mohawk College. We also offer field placement opportunities with our students developing KT products for agencies to fulfill graduation requirements. Our field placements are unpaid and occur in Semester 3 for 336 hours. Please check out our “Contact Us” page and send us an email if you would like to discuss field placement opportunities.