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Knowledge Translation (KT) is a research approach designed to bridge the gap between conducting research and ensuring that research outcomes are available to those who can use them. Our Knowledge Translation Hub works to bridge the gap by producing products for the benefit of the community. Examples include infographics, fact sheets, videos, briefing papers and presentations. 

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Social Determinants of Health

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Analyzing Code Red: Ten Years Later

This research briefing paper reviews the series of articles published in the Hamilton Spectator as part of the Code Red series and was written by Sydney Haagsma, Kimberly Huynh and Laura Shulist from Brain Disorders Management. This PDF article is available for download only.  Abstract:    The original Code Red series published in the Hamilton Spectator in 2010 started an important conversation about the health disparities in Hamilton, with a specific focus on social determinants of health. This series sparked interest in the general public and the Hamilton community by bringing forth issues in an accessible and impactful way. Despite its initial impact, the follow-up series called “Code Red: Ten Years Later” highlighted the progress made, or lack thereof, that was seen in the community in the ten years following the publication of the original series. Using a qualitative approach, this research briefing paper identified four themes from the Code Red series: 1) Complex and Cyclical Problems, 2) Hope and Resiliency of the Community, 3) Stigmatization in a Failing System, and 4) The Importance of Prevention. This research helps to evaluate both the positive and the negative changes that occurred in this ten-year time period and how these changes were perceived in the community.     Sydney Haagsma, Kimberly Huynh and Laura Shulist - Analyzing Code Red: Ten Years Later PDF